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About us


About us


The Mac Rental Company approach for London and the UK

At Mac Rental Company we strive to deliver the best service available. Our friendly staff are on hand to ensure your short term Apple Mac rental goes smoothly. We have experienced Apple technicians and sales staff with decades behind them of experience in Apple that are on hand at every step of the rental process to guide you through your Apple Mac rental in London UK.We are a family run business and giving you a great experience with a happy smile is at the very core of every thing we do. We look forward to serving you and giving you simple, honest and straightforward advice to ensure you have the best service and price possible without compromising on any part of our quality rental service.

Fast Delivery

Our express courier service can deliver your Mac on the same day within the hour in the London area.We look forward to welcoming you onboard!!

Mac rental Company and our Google Five Star rated service

At Mac Rental Company we take great pride in everything that we do. From the quality of our Apple iMacs or MacBook Pros for the short term hire in London to our 5 star Google rated service that our customer receive. Since our launch we have taken the London market by storm and we have had a great response time and time again from our clients. From the film industry to the freelancer to the design or production agency, we just love what we do! If you have any confusion why not give us a call on 0207 293 0447, we would love to hear from you!


The mac rental company came about as a response to a need. Our Customers needed a quick and reliable supply when they don't have the equipment they need, something goes wrong, or just because it makes financial sense to rent instead of buying outright.
The core philosophy is to support you with your Mac computing needs, and provide you with quick, expert help throughout. As a dedicated Mac Rental Company, our reputation is built on excellent equipment, superb customer services, and cost effectiveness. At Mac Rental Company we don't just rent out a Mac, we can offer you a fully personalised service with a range of solutions, including installing specific software, memory and disk facilities.
Whether you're a local in need of a MacBook Pro, iMac 21.5 inch or 27 inch or a macbook air with some quick Apple computing power, or on location in the UK. Just fill out our quick quote form or give us a call on 0207 293 0447 and chat to one of our highly trained advisers.

Our NO DEPOSIT SCHEME for our clients.

At Mac Rental Company we responded to our clients needs. We know that renting an Apple Mac computer in London for the short term rental and hire can be quite costly for a company and individual. We listened to our clients and the problems they were having in the marketplace and in response we launched our unique “No deposit scheme” to our clients, its a very simple and quick process to save you the massive outlays of money requested for a rental and it takes about five minutes to organise and approve. This keeps your cashflow in hand for a short term mac rental in London UK. Why not give us a try and just see the savings!

Contact us for Details: 0207 293 0447
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